Magnikleen Services (PEST PLUS)


Are you aware of the risks and damage of pest infestations pose to your business?  Can you spot the danger signs of a potential pest infestation? Do you know what could be done to remedy the problem? Pests in and around offices and houses can cause great distress for those that are working or living in them. They can also do damage to buildings, fittings and stock, with computer equipment and cables being particularly at risk from the gnawing of rodents.
We could help you in these as we are professional in providing the commercial and residential pest control, timber care and damp proofing services. Our operators have the expertise to protect businesses and homes from pest, rot and damp problems. Our operators will regularly visit your offices to check bait stations, look for signs of pest activity, identify potential risks and advise on any steps you can take to reduce the risk of pest problems.

We provide commercial and residential pest control which include:

  • Rodent Control
  • Fly Control
  • Bedbugs & Biting Insects
  • Ant Control
  • Cockroach Control
  • Insects in Stored Foods
  • Pests that Damage Textiles
  • Wasp & Bee Control
  • Bird Control
  • Wildlife Management
  • Other Pest Problems

Proactive pest control is essential for their vulnerability to pest threats. Our pest control expertise will help you to recognize the risks that different parts of a building/office face and then develop service programmes to meet them. Our pest control services are always tailored to the exact pest protection requirements of your particular needs.
Our standard service features include:

  • Site inspections, including specialist biological inspection
  • Pest monitoring and elimination reporting
  • Information on compliance with applicable legalization
  • Initial site checklist

Magnikleen Services (LANDSCAPE PLUS)

Landscaping Maintainence

The overall usual look both inside and outside of your premises can add a real quality look to your property and even improve the overall value of the premises, as well as pleasing your visitors and improving the quality of life in a working environment.

When you have planted the last plant or laid the last brick there is a great temptation to think that the work is finally over. But really it’s just the beginning because landscaping maintenance is needed to prevent the outdoor decay. Landscaping involves mowing, weeding, watering, pruning, fertilizing and so on. Sweeping is also required when the fallen leaves, twigs and branches litter the lawn, pavement and car park to avoid a mess and the problem of material clogging drainage systems.

Good outdoors maintenance also means things like keeping the soil around plants soft so that proper amounts of water and air can easily reach the roots. It also involves looking out for rodents that create tunnels and insects that attack your plants. Add to this all the environmental concerns that arise when disposing of waste and the need for a thorough service is clear. We are always paying attention to every single detail of your premises.

Landscaping is all about giving the landlord and the visitor a feel of the freshness from outdoor. At Magnikleen,  we know very well how to keep your grass healthy and free from weeds. We know what makes your plants and trees happy. We know what sort of pruning and trimming can give you the look you want. And above all, we make sure that you are never left at the mercy of nature’s destructive elements.

Magnikleen is an established dynamic company dedicated to provide professional landscaping and maintainence of landscape to both corporate and domestic clients. Our services are tailored to individual requirements. Feel free to call us for scheduling a free consultation with our professional staff and we will promptly send you a customized proposal that is based on your company’s needs.

Magnikleen Services (SPRING PLUS)

Spring/End of Tenancy Cleaning

Whatever is your motivation: to sell or to rent your property, to hold a party or to start up a new life with a fresh start, a Spring cleaning will make your home sparkle and create just the right home environment. Our team of spring cleaners are specialized in need of a thorough deep clean in every single corner of every room. Our team is equipped with all the necessary cleaning chemicals, tools and equipments. We are so sure that we will make a massive DIFFERENCE and leaving your house with brand new atmosphere!

Move in or Move out Cleaning

Our team of cleaners who specialize in move in & move out cleaning are always ready to provide our spring-cleaning clients with the best possible service. We use a carefully selected and blended team of cleaners with a perfect mix of experience, skills and star ratings. This enables us to provide both thorough and rapid execution and ensures that we can complete all the varied tasks required including specialist floor, window (included high rise cleaning), upholstery and of course kitchen and bathroom, etc. We can restore the gleam and shine to your home.

New Constructions Cleaning

Magnikleen Services works for many of the areas’ most respected custom builders, as well as the large industrial contractors. We take pride in doing quality work in a timely manner. We offer competitive pricing, proof of insurance, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. References are available from both local and out of state contractors upon request. Please call and we’ll be happy to schedule an estimate for all your new construction cleaning needs.

Special Occasions Cleaning

Got all the relatives coming over for a celebration? Going to have a party? When your mind is messed up with all those preparations, cleaning is the last thing come into your mind. Let Magnikleen manage this for you. Our professional cleaning operatives will help you to clean and tidy to ensure that your home matches your hospitality – leaving you to concentrate on the more important things. And once the party is over, you may put your feet up and relax as we will clean and tidy again to make sure that you can remember the highlights of the event rather than the aftermath.

Just to name a few of the specialty items that we cover:

  • Carpet & upholstery cleaning (steam cleaning method)
  • Window cleaning (interior & exterior)
  • Floor stripping & waxing (VCT)
  • Special Floor Treatments and Maintainence
  • Interior appliance cleaning (refrigerator, oven, etc.)
  • Light fixture washing
  • Woodwork washing (baseboards, doors, door frames, windowsills, cabinets)
  • Air return/vent washing

Magnikleen Services (INTERIOR PLUS)

Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Carpeting is a major investment in your home and office. However, accumulated soil and grit could reduce carpet life, due to the fact that dirt particles thrive in areas your vacuum cleaner cannot remove. Dusty and dirty carpet enable destructive and health harmful dust mites and bacteria to work unchecked, the worst condition may have prove dangerous for many allergy and asthma sufferers. Hence, regular professional carpet cleaning are necessary to keep your carpet cleaner and healthier. Carpet cleaning costs are minimal when you consider the replacement cost of carpets and soft furnishings, so periodic cleaning makes economic sense too.

Our carpet cleaning experts use only the safe yet effective carpet cleaning chemicals and equipments. Our expert carpet cleaners use hot water extraction systems, dry solvent cleaning systems, dry compound cleaning (dry powder), bonnet/pad buffining and shampoo brushing. Our machines are so powerful that your carpets will be dry, clean and fresh within a couple of hours from completion of the carpet cleaning process. Our carpet cleaning operators have been trained to the highest industry standard in the art of carpet cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

Most of fabric cushions and upholstery have a high concentration of dust mite allergen which are  hardly seen by eyes. With this in mind, Magnikleen offers a professional and highly effective carpet and upholstery cleaning treatment that is not harmful to fabrics and fiber. We recommend the hot water extraction cleaning methods as the most effective way to clean your carpets. Proper cleaning involves professional judgment as well as the use of several cleaning techniques and chemicals which ensure our clients receive the best results.  As with all home furnishing, regular care is always the best method of extending the life of your carpet.

Floor Treatments

Hard floor surfaces are subjected to a great deal of wear and tear over the years. Without professional skilled team specialize in floor treatment, it is hardly to bring your wear off floor surface back to life. At Magnikleen, we assure our client a freshly cleaned and polished floor which makes all the difference to their premises, for visitors and staff alike.

We are experienced in treating all hard floor areas, such as concrete, marble, limestone, terrazzo, vinyl, linoleum, parquetry etc. We are also skilled in treating wooden surface. All these surfaces which have different texture and properties, require periodic maintenance to ensure they maintain a clean and well cared for appearance. Stripping and re-sealing heard floors ensures the floor remain durable and looks good, even after years of use.

A wide range of quality products and equipment are used to protect and seal the floor to a high gloss level or provide slip resistant finishes. Our operatives are fully trained in stripping, sealing and polishing different type of floor surfaces, and will not miss out cleaning any corners or parts of a room which are normally left untouched. Our latest buffing technology leaves the floor a spectacular finish. Following initial treatment, we also offer an effective on-going maintenance programme to upkeep and  maintain the perfect appearance of our clients’ floor surface.

Magnikleen Services (EXTERIOR PLUS)

High level/High Rise cleanings

All high level structures require some form of maintenance cleaning to remove potential contamination, debris, pest harborage, micro issues or purely for aesthetic reasons. However, High level cleaning is a very specialized area that can only be safely performed if the cleaning team is fully trained and qualified in working at heights.

At Magnikleen, we pride ourselves in delivering an unsurpassed level of quality for High Level/High Rise cleaning. Our High Level Cleaning specialist teams are specifically trained and are aware of all the potential risks and hazards to themselves, your employees, equipment and product that might be involved. Training is carried out both in-house and externally to ensure the employees’ competency and safety.

Whether you are looking at preparing a surface for repainting or just wish to get rid of old grime or mildew, our expertise will access your needs and provide you with an action plan that will ensure your entire satisfaction. By using rope access techniques, ladders, suspended scaffoldings or aerial lift equipments, we tailor our work procedures to your needs, and will always thriving to work in an unobtrusive manner. We are confident to be able to carry out comprehensive cleaning on all types of building surfaces ranging from glass, stone, brick, concrete and tile.

Just to give an idea of our typical high level cleaning and maintenance that we undertake:

  • Internal and exterior high level cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Pest prevention and control systems
  • Roof, skylight and gutter maintenance and cleaning
  • Obstructive access
  • Factory cleaning
  • Post-Construction Clean-up
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Home Care Services

Recognizing the construction material of the building  and client’s requirements could be vary, Magnikleen has developed the profession to remove any kind of debris or deposit and restore your exterior building surface to the brand new condition.

Magnikleen Services (CONTRACT PLUS)

Office Cleaning

Clean and healthy working environment could help to reduce stress and increase productivity. We are willing to work with a wide range of organizations from large multi-nationals to small start-ups requiring just a few hours cleaning per week. Whatever your company size or need is, we have the knowledge and expertise to tailor a cleaning program to satisfy your individual requirements. We offer complete office cleaning solutions included daily office cleaning, carpet cleaning, floors cleaning and polishing, washroom hygiene, deep office cleaning and janitorial supplies.

Commercial Building Cleaning
As the saying “first impressions count”, your building is often the first impression that your customer will gain of your organization and a direct reflection of the quality of services that your organization are adhere to. Nevertheless, pollution grime can make a real impact on the cosmetics of your buildings while you may not have the time, application knowledges and equipments to get rid of these cosmetic defects on your building. At Magnikleen, we take this responsibility very seriously. We are experts at cleaning buildings, facades and facilities to the highest standards. The design and implementation of cleaning schedules and maintenance specifications developed by Magnikleen will ensure that our client’s requirements for providing a clean, comfortable and bright environment for their staff and visitors will be met. We are so sure that our service provision will enhance customer’s perception on our client’s Brand Image and Corporate Identity standards. Our client will make the very best “first impression” with the least fuss and disruption.

Our services offer a comprehensive communal area cleaning service including entrance lobbies, stairwells, lifts, walkways, windows, washrooms etc. We are highly competitive and are confident that – if you asked us to quote for your building cleaning – we will be able to provide you with a price that you will be delighted with.

Condominium/Resident Area Cleaning

When looking for that perfect worker for your home, Magnikleen invites you to compare the difference our company offers in terms of its hiring policies, security checks and cleaning standards. Our team of top quality cleaners coupled with outstanding customer care makes Magnikleen the only choice when entrusting that special person with keys to your home. Your home is blitzed with the same care and attention we pay to our own home. With fully insured, throughly vetted and highly trained staff, why go elsewhere?

Magnikleen also prides in its professionalism of handling residential area cleaning and property management. We always furnish all necessary equipments and cleaning chemicals supplies together with highest quality of cleaning and maintainence services. We have excellent working relationships with our landlords or clients primarily because our goals are one and the same. Our focus is always on the quality and cleanliness management of residential and accommodation area. We are very careful to select our operatives not only for providing excellent services but also to retain the safety and confidence of the landlords in towns and villages.

ISS Property Services

Property Services

Property Services and managing a property from A to Z requires time, overview and control. Often, time and resources are wasted because tasks are delegated to a range of different suppliers and partners, who rarely have the complete overview nor think in terms of coordination and rationalisation of tasks.ISS Property Services can provide of a long list of services that contribute to optimising the value of a company’s property service budget. We offer anything from staircase cleaning and lawn mowing to technical- or craftsman services. Our services can be combined in innumerous ways, as selected services or as a complete solution focused on resource optimisation, efficiency and systematic planning. As a matter of fact, we can handle all tasks related to the physical environment in and around the premises. With a diverse pool of highly skilled employees within a variety of service areas, as well as an extensive network of sub-contractors, we are able to develop, manage and deliver any type of Property Service solution the customer needs. Our objective is to contribute to the existing property investment by servicing the facilities optimally.

ISS Property Services is the single solution provider covering all property service needs.

Systematic Maintenance

  • Building inspection
  • Maintenance tasks
  • Craftsmen
  • Technical installations
  • Daily ad-hoc tasks
  • Rebuilding

Building Maintenance

  • Janitor services
  • Staircase cleaning
  • Repairs

Landscaping / Gardening

  • Construction and maintenance of green areas
  • Parking space management
  • External cleaning

Pest Control

  • Extermination
  • Pest control systems and surveillance
  • Risk analysis
  • Fumigation
  • Termites

Washroom Services

  • Dispensers and washroom articles
  • Supply, installation, maintenance and service of washroom environments

Sanitation Services

  • Rental of Portable Chemical Toilet
  • Sanitation services

ISS Office Support

Office Support
Few companies know how much time and how many resources are used daily to accommodate office related service and support needs. On the other hand most people agree that in the constantly changing and increasingly competitive world there is no room to waste either time or resources.
Even though only few companies consider service and support functions as vital for their core business, the impact of a well functioning service solution is substantial on business conduct, employee wellness and even customer loyalty.

ISS Office Support has office related service and support solutions as core business. We deliver everything from call centres and mailroom services to reception and planning of internal moves. The many tasks vary and can be combined in numerous ways depending on the specific needs of the individual customer.

Customer Services

  • Reception
  • Conference facilities
  • Switchboard
  • Call Centre
  • Back Office
  • Etc.

Employee Services

  • IT Support / Helpdesk
  • Interior Landscaping
  • Secretary services
  • Etc.

Internal Services and Logistics

  • Mail handling
  • Copying and printing
  • Office supplies
  • Access control
  • Handyman
  • Tea Lady
  • Space Management
  • Internal moves
  • Printers and copiers Etc.

ISS Integrated Facility Services (IFS)

ISS offers a wide range of service solutions, from single services to fully Integrated Facility Services (IFS) that combine all of the customer’s service and support functions into one single solution.

We offer in-depth knowledge and expertise, many years of experience in developing new methods and techniques, and a high level of service management and employee takeover skills*.

ISS creates synergies based on our management expertise and service delivery experience. And through synergies we aim to maximise resource-optimisation and cost-efficiency.
Synergies can be obtained through the combination of management and service delivery from one supplier: ISS.

Integrated Facility Services is a partnership that helps our customers reduce costs and focus on their core business. The partnership evolves from ISS’ ability to combine people, methods and management.

We believe that each customer has a unique combination of needs. Therefore, the best service solution derives from a pool of values and know-how which are combined to match each individual customer’s needs and requirements.

ISS Cleaning

Cleaning Services
Clean surroundings and a healthy working environment are not only prerequisites for a functional environment, but also the basis for well-being and employee productivity.
Most people enjoy and appreciate clean and fresh surroundings.

For more than 70 years ISS has set new standards within cleaning services throughout the World by offering efficient and flexible cleaning solutions. All of our solutions are based on each individual customer’s needs and wishes. We are constantly developing new methods, tools and materials, which help improve the cleaning as well as the working conditions of our employees while minimising any negative effects on the environment.

Our skilled and motivated employees are an essential part of our success, because it is our employees’ attitude, service-level and efforts that ensure living up to our customers’ expectations.

Therefore we put a lot of effort into recruitment, employee development and people management. Only by offering attractive working conditions can we hire the qualified people we need to deliver high quality service to our customers.

With outset in our customer’s needs we provide a customised cleaning
solution where scope, level and the combination of services are carefully adjusted to each customer. Ongoing quality control ensure that we constantly live up to the expectations.

Daily Office Cleaning

  • Permanently employed full-time staff
  • Employees trained in cleaning methods, physiology and service
  • Stable daily office cleaning with back-up security

Visible Cleaning

  • Daytime cleaning without disturbing customer employees
  • Increased dialogue with end-users
  • Improved quality and customer satisfaction

Periodical Cleaning

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Craftsman cleaning
  • Curtain, carpet and upholstery cleaning

Specialised cleaning solutions for

  • Hospitals
  • Cleanrooms
  • Food processing plants
  • The automotive industry
  • Etc.

Within cleaning, additional services can be provided, depending on specific needs. Some examples may be:

IT Cleaning

  • Telephone and computer equipment cleaning and disinfection
  • Special cleaning of server- and printer-rooms
  • Cleaning of copying machines and other hardware

Interior Landscaping

  • Guidance related to interior planting and environments
  • Installation, delivery and service of plants

Window Cleaning

  • Window polishing
  • Inspection and damage detection
  • Window maintenance

Washroom Services

  • Dispensers and washroom articles
  • Supply, installation, maintenance and service of washroom environments