Traffic Film Remover Concrentrate SOL279 Solent

Traffic Film Remover Concrentrate SOL279 Solent


Effectively removes dirt, grime, grease and tenacious traffic film from all vehicles. Suitable for cleaning chassis and bodywork on vehicles. Designed for high pressure washing with mechanical power wash systems. Concentrated formula can also be used to clean machinery, floors, walls, asphalt, will also remove co-polymer waxes used in new car production.


 Type  Size  SOL780
 Poly Bottle

Plastic Drum







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Tyre Shine Silicone – White Colour


It can last at least 1 – 3 days

IE307 Creat Seal

IE307 Creat Seal

Product Code: IE307

Create a durable and glossy finish on most floor surfaces. It is water resistant and absolutely skid-proof. New technologies solvent base fluorocarbon oil and water repellent penetrative seal for terracotta, sand stone, concrete, grout, brick and other porous floor surfaces. Does not change the appearance of natural stone. Apply by sprayer, roller, brush or mop. Clear liquid with mild acrylic odor. Ready to use.

IE306 Apex Sealer

IE306 Apex Sealer

Product Code: IE306

A water base acrylic seal for vinyl, rubber, asphalt, terrazzo, linoleum and semi porous floor surfaces. Provide base coat seal with satin finish which can top coated with Polyshine if required. White emulsion with acrylic odor, coverage approximately 150m2 per gal per coat. Ready to use. pH 7.2.

IE304 PolyShine

IE304 PolyShine

Product Code: IE304

High gloas, metallized emulsion, self-shinning polish for vinyl, rubber terrazzo, linoleum and sealed floors. Contain 20% polymer for long lasting deep slip resistant shine. Two or three thin coats are recommended for the best results. White emulsion with acrylic odor. Coverage approximately 250m2 per 1 US gal per coat. Ready to use.

IE301 Stripper

IE301 Stripper

Product Code: IE301

Ammonia free floor polish stripper and cleanser for remover of old metalized emulsion polish. Can be applied with mop or rotary scrubbing machine. Dilution 1 to 4, pH 3.

Swiss Online analyzers for high purity water systems

Swiss Online analyzers for high purity water systems


SWAN is one of the leading manufacturers of on-line analytical instruments. Every single instrument is made in Switzerland. Applications of Swan analyzers are found in high purity water feedwater, steam & condensate,  pharmaceutical water, potable water, pool & sanitary, cooling water, waste water & effluents. Parameters measured are ammonium, Chlorine / Ozone / ClO2, conductivity & resistivity, hydrazine / carbohydrazide, nitrate, oxygen (dissolved), pH, phosphate, redox (ORP), silica, sodium, turbidity  and total organic carbon at ppt level.

Analytical instruments

Ready to use on-line process Monitors and Analyzers


Chematest and Portable instruments


AMI and AMU Transmitters for wall-mount or panel insertion.


Flow assemblies


Swansensors for Conductivity, ORP – Redox, Oxygen, pH, Temperature, Turbidity and more…

Sampling accessories


Reagents and Electrolyte

BWA Flocon – Antiscalant for Industrial Reverse Osmosis system

BWA Flocon – Antiscalant for Industrial Reverse Osmosis system

BWA is a technology-led specialty chemicals company providing sustainable solutions to best resolve today’s water treatment challenges. Whether it is scale control, corrosion inhibition, microbiological control or desalination, BWA has the most technologically advanced and environmentally acceptable  products available in the world today.

BWA has focused exclusively on discovering water treatment technologies since 1973, with R & D and technical support specialists in UK, Dubai and China.
Flocon Membrane Solutions – BWA Water Additives has introduced “Flocon Membrane Solutions”, an extensive range of high performance solutions for smooth operation. RO anti-scalant is used to keep water hardness from precipitating during reverse osmosis treatment of water by delaying the reaction between calcium magnesium and bicarbonate. This results is scale not forming as the water is being purified by the RO. Flocon product range includes Flocon 260 which contains a dispersant that prevents iron or aluminum in water from reacting with the anti-scalant and making it ineffective.

Flocon260是一种高效阻垢/分散剂,特别适用于给水中CaCO3 、CaSO4 、BaSO4 及SrSO4等有严重结垢倾向的反渗透系统中,尤其是在Fe、Si含量较高的给水中,因其具有高效的分散性,可有效的阻止结垢的发生,保证反渗透系统安全经济稳定的运行。

Hexacare 492

Hexacare 492
Specially formulated corrosion inhibitor for closed cooling water system.

Helamin – All in One boiler water treatment chemical

Helamin – All in One boiler water treatment chemical
Helamin® products are proprietary formulations of a perfect blend of components that include protective (filming) polyamines, polycarboxylates (dispersants), and volatile (alkalinizing) amines, working in a synergistic way to provide an optimum protection and passivation of all ferrous and non ferrous metal surfaces in the entire water & steam circuit (Turbines included).

Helamin® is forming a monomolecular, continuous, and hydrophobic protective film on metal surfaces, acting as a barrier between water and metal to prevent corrosion.

The use of Helamin® “All-in-one” product to treat water and steam carrying systems, such as water/steam and heating circuits, has many advantages over conventional conditioning which often requires several substances to be added at various locations and needs regular monitoring.