3D Interior Design


3D Rooms-to-shows
Visualize in 3D and walk through your space in real-time. Designs your dream space living in 3D
and see how it looks before you build. The latest version of 3D Rooms-to-show that can show the 360
degree of perspective.
•Price Quotation service
We offer you the best price for your dream space living.
•Site Measurement
Our interior designer will come to your home to design and consult you about home decoration.
•Interior Consultant Service
Our Interior designers will give you the ideas of how to choose furniture to match your living lifestyle.

LUCA SERVICES (interior designer)


Luca Design serves you complete Design and built services with high level of professionalism throughout Malaysia.

Design Services

  • Architecture & Interior Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • Furniture Design & Selection
  • Master Planning
  • Audio Visual & Signage
Implementation Services

  • Site Assessment & Selection
  • Research & Development
  • Programming
  • Project Management
  • Cost estimating
  • Scheduling controls
  • Budget controls
  • Building code consulting
Core Services

  • Pre Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Drawings & Specifications
  • Permit Application
  • Tendering
  • Contract Administration
  • Visual Communications

  • Signage






Budget Development

Budget Development

It is extremely important that you determine a budget before beginning an interior renovation. CTN INTERIOR SOLUTIONS can help you determine an accurate budget for your renovation. The dollar amount you budget for interior design of your space is contingent upon your location, clientele, finish types, quality of materials used and the design details unique to your environment.

Space Optimization

Space Optimization

We can help you determine the appropriate square footage necessary to run your business. We can help you to evaluate spaces you are considering leasing or purchasing for your business. A floor plan determines what size space you should be looking for before you begin your search for the right property.

Carpentry Work

Carpentry Work

We design and build furniture according to your requirements. We cater to office, retail, laboratory and home needs. We custom make furniture such as cabinets, wardrobes, shelves, reception counter, backdrop, platform, and etc.

Outdoor Timber Works

One of the biggest trend in outdoor design today is a decorative timber deck.

Timber deck can be used in a number of ways :-

  • Garden landscaping
  • To extend Living Area or Dining of houses
  • As an alternative to stone based features such as patios
  • Constructed over steep area or rough ground that is otherwise unusable
  • Creating a backyard paradise
  • At pool side
  • At balcony for houses or condominiums
  • Observation deck or skyrise greenery at upper floor of high rise buildings
  • Gazebo decking
  • A deck is also the surface used to construct a broadwalk over sand on barrier islands.

Decks can also be covered by a canopy or pergola to control sunlight

Suitable timber species: “Chengal”, “Resak” or “Balau”

Coating : Outdoor UV Protection timber coating

Pergola & Gazebo

  • Having a beautiful garden path, backyard patio or even a nice garden can be an excellent way to create an extension of your living space outside your house. You can enhance your home and your garden with gazebos and pergolas  to create a relaxing outdoor living space , improving both the saleability of  your home and the quality of your home  life.
  • We offer a variety of styles and structures to meet your individual needs.
  • Timber species : “Chengal” , “Resak” & “Balau”

Timber Fence & Gate

  • Timber fencing has been used for centuries.  Old houses in many parts of the world even showcase their timber fencing and the wood still shows how strong it is until now.  Timber is very strong so it is a reliable material to use for fencing and gate and they’re exceptionally good value.
  • The advantages of timber gates and  fences become immediately obvious when being installed.
  • Timber fences can use to enhance the privacy, provide security or to screen off unsightly areas.
  • Timber fences are excellent insulators and very garden-friendly.
  • In terms of creating a home environment , timber fences and gates can also create excellent play areas for young children, creating good “safe zones” and child and pet friendly play areas.
  • Homeowners are often surprised how dramatically a timber fence improves the general look of the outside environment.
  • There is a wide range of fence types, designs and options which can be specified.

* Please refer our GALLERIES for more photos

Door & Window

Timber Door & Window
Why Choose Timber Windows & Doors?

  • As a natural product, it brings warmth, good looks and added value to any property.
  • Wood has a proven durability as an appropriate material for windows and doors.
  • Timber species : “Nyatoh”

* Please refer our GALLERIES for more photos

Built-in Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet & Built-in Cabinet

  • Solid natural timber is the best type of timber for cabinet making and furniture use because it has the best features and characteristics, it is a beautifully crafted piece of art to last a lifetime. Signs of wear can usually be sanded away.
  • We offers custom made solid timber kitchen cabinets and built-in cabinets  to complete your ideal home design.
  • Timber species: “Nyatoh” , “Meranti”  , “Kembang Semangkuk” , there are a range of colours , textures and grains available.

Ceiling & Wall Features

Timber Ceiling Paneling

  • Decorative Ceiling Panels instantly bring uniqueness, warmth and style into any room. It also offers insulation and sound absorption.
  • Ceiling panels are perfect to add to both standard and dropped ceilings.
  • Timber species : “Nyatoh”, Pine Wood

Decorative Wall Paneling

  • If you are tired of using paintings , mirrors and wallpapers, it’s time to get to know a new trend of texturising your walls – Decorative Wall Panels
  • The use of decorative wall panel  can make huge difference to the overall look of any indoor space. You can truly feel a different level of elegance and energy in the ambience, and see a magical transformation of your living and trading places.
  • Decorative wall panel are functional as well. It provides proper sound transmissions and the absorption of redundant noise. This can greatly enhance user experience in settings like Concert Hall , Auditorium etc.
  • Timber species : “Nyatoh”, Pine Wood.

Architectural Timber Trim & Moulding

  • Architectural trim or molding not only hides gaps and dresses up corners, it is often the backbone of a room design. The types of baseboard, crown moulding, chair-rail moulding and window & door trim you select helps define the character of a room and set the stage for the entire decor.
  • There are many types of decorative wood moulding that is made from the highest grade, kiln-dried, solid wood with complementing designs that will elevate your home’s look. You’ll be amazed how a home can look more luxurious with the simple addition of wider casings, deeper baseboards, crown mouldings and a chair rail.
  • The most common mouldings used in homes today are:
    • Baseboard Mouldings
      This moulding is installed at the bottom of a wall against the flooring to cover the gap between the two surfaces.
    • Casing
      This moulding is used to fill the gap between a window and wall.
    • Crown Moulding
      This moulding is used to fill the gap between a wall and the ceiling
    • Chair Railing Moulding
      This moulding runs horizontal to the floor to protect the wall from chairs bumping. Today, a chair rail is often used for decorative purposes only.
    • Other decorative mouldings are used in different situations. These include a mirror, stairway, wall paneling, door, staircase balustrades etc …

* Please refer our GALLERIES for more photos

Floor & Staircase

Solid Timber Floor

  • Solid timber  flooring offer you a natural look , warmth, beauty and value of wood – it comes from the heart of nature  with each plank made of solid wood and milled from a single piece of timber.
  • With solid timber flooring, it increases the value of your property and gives you a comfortable & healthy living environment.
  • Its contemporary look will last a life time. Even after years of hard wear , a simple re-grind and recoat will bring your floor back to its original finish and because of the depth and solidity that a traditional solid timber floor has to offer , it can be re-grinded more times than any pre-finished floor can.
  • Timber species: Burmese Teak, “Merbau”, Walnut or White Oak &  “Kempas”  which  come with a wide range of dimensions and styles.

Staircase & Railing

  • Timber Staircase & Railings has combined engineering expertise, quality material & skillful carpentry traditions.
  • Timber handrails can  be partnered with steel, glass, and other building materials if you’re looking for a gorgeous, unique appearance that is cost effective.
  • We have designed and installed a wide range of staircase designs, from straight stairs, curved stairs to spiral stairs for our customers.
  • Timber species : “Nyatoh”

* Please refer our GALLERIES for more photos.